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    Generator Repair

    Generator Repair and Installation


    When the electricity goes out your electronic devices go out, unless you have a generator. Generators provide you with electricity when otherwise you would not have any due to a power outage. Having a generator prevents operating disruption in your home or business until the lights come back on.

    How Generators Create Electricity

    What a generator does is converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

    Generators actually do not create electricity but rather uses mechanical electricity through electromagnetic movements to distribute an electric charge that outputs electric current. Think of a generator as a water pump causing water to flow but not actually creating water. Generators are just like automobiles in that they contain many mechanical parts that keep them running. Some of the elements that make up a generator include: alternator, engine, voltage regulator, fuel system, lubrication system, cooling and exhaust systems, control panel, and battery charger.

    Generators Issues

    Just like your car, if one of these components fails, your generator will cease to function correctly. If you are experiencing generator problems give GPS Electrical Service a call and let our team or professionals have a look. Our experts are trained to provide you with dedicated and quality service from motor redesign to performance verification. We will get your back-up power running again according to specifications and on-time.

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