Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panels

The older your home the greater chance of running into problems with your electrical panel. Think of your electrical system as your body’s circulatory system. In this example, your electrical panel would be the heart. The job of your electrical panel is to circulate electricity throughout your home. Your electrical panel is located within your breaker box which prevents electricity from overloading your circuits.

How Electrical Panels Work

The meter outside your home is where the main power comes from the electric company and connects to your home. This main power travels to your “breaker box”. Your breaker box will either be located in your basement, garage, or utility room. Located within your breaker box is the electrical panel which contains rows of switches. Each switch distributes electrical power to various sections of your home. Some items such as stoves and HVACs require a lot more electricity therefore, some of the switches are double or triple for these larger appliances.

Electrical Panel Issues

Signs of electrical panel issues usually reveal themselves though outlets that can’t hold more than one appliance or flickering lights. If you are experiencing tripping switches in your breaker than you may have issues within your electrical panel. If your home is 25 years or older you should consider having our professional repair team come out and see if your breaker box has any safety issues. Our repair team here at GPS Electrical Service can address any electrical panel issue that you may be experiencing.

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