Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fans

Purpose of Ceiling Fans

What do you see and feel when you enter your room? If you have a ceiling fan, it could be a cool tropical breeze put out by a sleek and sophisticated ceiling fan. One of the main purposes of a ceiling fan is to provide a cool breeze. A properly installed ceiling fan can take a room that is 79 degrees Fahrenheit and make it feel like it is 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Other Uses for Ceiling Fans

Besides providing that cool tropical breeze on those sultry summer months ceiling fans can also be used to warm you up on cold winter months. By turning your fan in the opposite direction, you will cause the warm air that is rising to come back down leaving you with an all over warm feeling.

Cost of Running a Ceiling Fan

You can drop your energy cost drastically by using your ceiling fan and turning off your AC. In order to see the cost savings, you need to be sure that your ceiling fan is properly positioned in your home and installed correctly. When you are ready to purchase your new ceiling fan, be sure to give our experts here at give GPS Electrical Service a call and get ready to rest easy every summer into winter knowing that you are helping to reduce your energy costs.

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